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Irie Révoltés

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Saturday, August 26, 2017
23:35 - 01:00

Irie Révoltés

Irie Révoltés: that’s the sound for the rebellion, the sound for the barricades. Put up your hood and get moving. This is the moment before everything starts. The moment when you feel you can achieve something. Here, now, together, forever. It’s the quiet before the storm. The earth begins to tremble when Irie Révoltés takes the stage with the crowd stamping their feet. Anybody who has experienced an Irie Révoltés concert knows too well that after a live performance there’s not a stone left standing. They generate so much energy that everyone gets carried away. The brute force of the horn section, the concentrated power of the two front men, Mal Élevé und Carlito, with their anthem-like vocals in German and French plus the pulsating beat of the bass gets every butt moving and the mind working too. The mob starts to jump and dance. You can’t stop yourself and you don’t want to either.

When steam rises above the masses, a thousand voices chant the choruses and hooks and the energy of the band unites with that of the crowd, then you know what makes an Irie Révoltés concert so unforgettable. There is hardly another band out there today that can bring the rage and despair of a whole generation to the point. No other band can take fun and joy and the love of life to the stage the way Irie Révoltés does. The band collective has been together now for 17 years. Five albums, over 600 shows in 25 countries and year for years even more fans are drawn to their concerts. Irie Révoltés is a well-established headliner at the big festivals and not only because of their music but certainly also because of their clear political position. Always being anti-fascist - always anti-racist - always against the corrupt and the bad. And without compromise, always for the good things in the world. With Irie Révoltés live you’ve got beats, songs, lyrics and bombastic choruses; tear-down movement; minimalistic groove and a whole lot of dance.

Irie Révoltés is the quiet before the storm - Irie Révoltés is the storm. Raise the bass! Get this thing going!