uprising.sk/Onyx & Dope D.O.D.

Onyx & Dope D.O.D.

25.08.2018 01:30
Main Stage
Uprising Festival 2018


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In 1993, years before anyone told ya’ to “get up off them goddamn diamonds”, South Jamaica, Queens, craziest Bal-Hed sons, ONYX, were already busy takin’ some of the Golden Era’s loot and running with it to new heights, stamping the term “hardcore” in its darkest terms upside hip hop’s head with their seminal, trailblazing platinum debut, BacdafucupFace to face with loud, abrasive greatness, you might just find yourself lucky enough to embrace a boot to the temple when Sticky stage-dives, or swimming with the sharks to make waves for the crowd surfers while you “Throw Ya Gunz”ONYX made boom bap gangsta, gave metal street cred, and exposed the kinship of hip hop and punk rock cultures to a wider global audience on the strength of their delivery and the look in their eye that said this was no gimmick, motherfucker – all under the guidance of their mentor and producer, the departed architect Jam Master Jay.

In 2018, ONYX partnered with Dutch trio Dope D.O.D., an internationally acclaimed new school hip hop crew. Hard to categorize, their fan base often describes their sound as being “their own” with a strong inclination towards intricate lyrics and outlandish subject matter. This has earned them recognition from heavy weights like Limp Bizkit, Korn, Sean Price, The Prodigy, Redman, Onyx and many more with whom they have had the opportunity to work and tour with after releasing their debut video “What Happened”. 

Their latest release “Shotgunz In Hell” brings two generations of hardcore rap together, blending the sound that both groups, ONYX & Dope D.O.D. are best known for. It creates an exciting clash of lyrical giants and cutting edge beats, with the highlights “XXX” and “Piro”. The album couldn’t be more aptly titled, taking the listener on a 40-minute roller coaster ride through inferno. It’s safe to say there’s enough on offer to please frequent followers and people who are just tuning in.