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17 August 2017


9 February 2017

Irie Révoltés: that’s the sound for the rebellion, the sound for the barricades. Put up your hood and get moving. This is the moment before everything starts. The moment when you feel you can achieve something.

Deadly Hunta
5 April 2017

Deadly Hunta brings immense raw energy to his performances, fusing Dancehall, Hip Hop and Reggae, gripping audiences worldwide with the power of his dynamic lyrics.

17 August 2017


29 June 2017

Earth Beat Movement or EBM are an Italian band formed in Tuscany in 2012.

20 May 2017

Leading reggae band from Slovakia is taking Europe by storm.

17 August 2017


29 June 2017

G Ras & Riddim Colony, one of the best reggae bands in Hungary, will perform on our 10th anniversary at Uprisingu 2017.

Ghetto Youths Sound
16 August 2017


11 May 2017

Probably no other austrian reggae-act has been more active in 2016 than newcomer-sensation Rekall.

17 August 2017



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