UPRISING FESTIVAL 2017 Official Aftermovie

Uprising/Mighty Diamonds

Mighty Diamonds

25.08.2018 17:30
Main Stage
Uprising Festival 2018


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The Mighty DiamondsDonald “Tabby” Shaw, Fitzroy ”Bunny” Simpson and Lloyd “ Judge” Ferguson formed in 1969 in the Trenchtown area of Kingston, Jamaica. They are the most consistent and long-running vocal trio in Jamaican musical history and for the past 41 years have been entertaining and educating the world with their sweet harmonies and conscious lyrics.

The Mighty Diamonds are remarkable for the fact that the three founding members have remained together, despite the ever-changing and cut-throat music business, for 41 years — and counting! They find strength and inspiration in their faith in Rastafari and their love of Jah. Their message is one of unity, love and at times, rebellion in the face of injustice.

Their unquestionable reputation for a stylized traditional and polished sound has earned them prominence as a model reggae harmony trio.