uprising.sk/The Prototypes

The Prototypes

27.08.2022 01:30 - 03:00
Main Stage
Uprising Festival 2022 EN


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If you could capture everything The Prototypes are about and pack it into one simple, universal essence, it’s this: All or nothing.

No half measures, no shortcuts, full commitment to the vision: It’s what Nick White and Chris Garvey stand for, it’s what they sound like, it’s how they write, it’s how they perform. It captures everything you need to know about the Brighton duo.

Crashing into a new decade with every bit of brute force and basslines, ‘Ten Thousand Feet & Rising’ is the ultimate embodiment of The Prototypes’ fierce ‘all in’ spirit so far. The long-awaited second album, it’s the sound of intense studio lockdown, refining, rewriting and rebooting the passion for the music that brought them together in the first place. It’s their most ambitious body of work today and, once again, it captures everything that Nick White and Chris Garvey have always been about for 10 years and counting, ten thousand feet and rising. All or nothing.