Jimmy Cliff headlining Uprising
Legend of Jamaican music is headlining the seventh annual Uprising.
The long awaited superstar of the seventh Uprising will be Shaggy
Dub Fx
One of the world's most creative beatboxers
Collie Buddz
Reggae hitmaker from Bermuda
Beautiful Jamaican artist for the first time in Slovakia
The Skatalites
Let's celebrate the 50th anniversary of this legendary band on Uprising
Love - Energy - Positive
Feel the atmosphere of Uprising Reggae Festival in this new video
Chronixx & Zinc Fence Redemption
Uprising Reggae Festival will host one of the upcoming superstars inna Reggae Music. Straight from Kingston, Jamaica it's Zinc Fence Redemption and Chronixx, young rasta musician on the rise.
KRS-One, hip-hop legend at Uprising
The legendary Hip-Hop artist for the first time in Slovakia at Uprising 2014
Junior Kelly
Our new Reggae headliner from Jamaica
Godfather of Jungle and Drum & Bass

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Uprising Videos
Uprising Videos
Uprising Videos
Uprising Videos
Uprising Videos
Uprising Videos




23. 07. 2014 / 20:49
Fitta Warri's lyrics leave no word in our vocabulary unturned.
21. 07. 2014 / 03:44
Riddim Colony, one of the best reggae bands in Hungary, will perform on Uprisingu 2014.
Dubtonic Kru
19. 07. 2014 / 08:50
Coming from different parts of Jamaica, the members of Dubtonic Kru, individually have been exposed to a variety of musical genres.