UPRISING FESTIVAL 2018 (Official Aftermovie)


23.-24.8. - Bratislava - Zlaté piesky
Uprising/Ras Demo & YT

Ras Demo & YT

25.08.2018 01:00 - 02:30
Dub Club
Uprising Festival 2018


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Get ready for a proper ragga show by two universal raggamuffin singer, Ras Demo aka Demolition Man and YT. Uprising already experienced successful shows of both singers but this time they prepared special show full of freestyle and original tracks served with their usual rocket speed.

In one word, the best description of the artist known as Demolition Man or Demo also known as Wayne Young is; versatile. He was born in Hackney, East London, England and is a singer, songwriter, emcee, engineer, lyricist and producer. When asked why he refers to himself as ‘Demolition Man’? He explains that, “Demolition Man is here to demolish all evil things.” Demo’s drive, love and energy can be felt through his words, power and sound in his musical creations. On the rocky road to being truly recognized and appreciated in the music industry, this hard -working artists’, positivity and determination can literally be felt. Music is Demolition Man’s first love and there is no stopping him now.

Now widely known for his ‘fast tongue, motor mouth’ style of spitting lyrics, he is also known for his massive Jungle tune ‘Fire’. Dubbed by many as; one of the key Jungle anthems of all time. Demolition Man’s music has been around for more than two decades and his passion for the creation of music is everlasting. Whether it is at a peace concert, rave, stage show, charity event or at the studio his creativity, focus and determination can be seen, felt and heard. Demolition Man’s destiny is to make music. Of all love affairs, this is surely one that will last forever. Nothing can out this lyrical fire!

Name YT resonates not only at the British and European music scene for many years. One of the best reggae interprets is well known thanks to his dancehall anthem “England Story”. It’s worth to listen to his other hits too, such as “Mr. Politician”, “Hustler”, “Real Life” or “Born Inna Babylon” . He regularly contributes to the Scotch Bonnet label (Mungo’s Hifi). YT first stood at the stage as a small boy in 1988 and just four years later, he released his first track “Crisp Biscuit Gal”.  Number of well-respected musicians and bands worked with YT during his carreer, namely Zion Train, Vibronics, Roots Survival, John Joh or King Jammys.