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Important announcement & Hygienical measures at Uprising Wakelake 2020

Important announcement & Hygienical measures at Uprising Wakelake 2020

Tomorrow we open the gates of the Uprising Wakelake Edition festival. Due to the current situation around Covid-19, we consider it necessary to inform about important hygiene and safety measures, which we must approach, so that your health and the health of your closest ones are not at risk.

We decided to reduce festival capacity to 800 visitors. That way, Saturday is sold out and there are last 70 tickets left for Friday and Sunday.

In recent days, because of the Uprising Wakelake Edition festival, we have preventively tested the staff for Covid, the entire venue of Wakelake will be desinfescted before the opening and during the event we will regularly wash and disinfect social facilities, as well as tables at food shops.

We believe that we can all prove that the event can be organized safely, with discipline and respect for all hygienic and safety regulations and at the same time we will enjoy a great weekend full of quality music and comfort.

Please read the following lines carefully:

● if you experience symptoms of acute respiratory disease, malaise or increased temperature, please stay at home!
● your temperature will be measured at the entrance to the festival venue and in case of symptoms of illness, you will not be allowed to enter the festival
● it is necessary to enter the festival with a face mask and our security service will appeal to wearing masks in the festival area (please take your own masks with you, in case you forget, they will be provided with one for a small fee at the entrance)
● we place disinfectants in strategic positions, which we ask you to use regularly
● please try to keep your distance from people and don’t shake hands

We understand that these measures can be restrictive for many, but they are essential in the current situation and so we ask you to follow them carefully.

We are looking forward to seeing you!