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What’s new with the Uprising 2020?

What’s new with the Uprising 2020?

We receive a number of messages daily asking about the Uprising festival and how it’s going to be affected by current situation. All of us appreciate your interest, therefore we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked.

Is Uprising 2020 going to happen?

Our festival team is working daily to be able to open the festival in case of loosened restrictions. We consult the current situation with band managements, colleagues from cultural area and epidemiologists on regular basis. Up till today (April 23), there is no official statement or government restriction banning festivals from taking place at the end of summer. Moreover, no booked musicians canceled their shows.

Despite of this information, we can’t make a final decision. The situation is rapidly changing every day. We all wish for Uprising 2020 to happen but it is not only in our hands.

What if Uprising has to be postponed?

Because of the ongoing pandemic, we have to work with a version of Uprising festival being postponed a year later, to August 27-28, 2021. We openly discuss this option with all the bands and musicians and we already took several precautions and steps enabling us to continue in our work and use our time effectively.

All of us are affected by this unpleasant situation. No one wished for it and no one is responsible for it. Now, more than ever, it is important to stick together and stay healthy in this complicated and exhausting times. It’s not only festivals being affected, it’s a whole cultural scene and its future. As mentioned many times before, this situation is taking the biggest toll on people who are not as visible – technical support staff, sound and light engineers, backline staff, stage managers, production, graphic designers and last but not least, musicians and artists without any working opportunities. We do our best to stand strong through this storm and keep our team and festival.

Will all of the announced musicians attend Uprising?

As mentioned above, no confirmed acts canceled their shows to this day. Same as you, all of the artists and musicians wish for the Uprising 2020 and meeting you all at the end of this summer.

We have booked a number of bands that haven’t been announced yet. Despite the fact that we are still working on the option of the Uprising 2020 happening this year, we don’t think it’s suitable to focus on a ticket presale and festival news in this situation.

In case of the festival postponing, we will do our best to bring you all confirmed names on the new date too.

What to do with the already bought tickets?

Festival postponing could have serious and adverse economic effects. Preparing festivals such as the Uprising asks for considerable financial investments in forms of suppliers’ & artists’ deposits and general production. Many people don’t see ticketing company commissions, 20% value tax, and banking charges for every sold ticket.

That’s why we would like to ask you to keep your tickets in case of postponing the festival to 2021. We promise to do everything possible to bring you Uprising you love. With its unique vibe and the best of reggae, urban and world music.

In case you decide to return your tickets despite of this, we will inform you about a process in an early and timely manner.